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Test Certification

Deering Electrical offers Test Certification for all kinds of commercial & industrial properties in a range of industries

When a new electrical installation, extension, or modification to an existing installation has been completed, it is necessary to test and certify this installation to ensure it meets the relevant safety and regulatory standards. Deering Electrical provides a comprehensive test certification service, working on all types of domestic installations for domestic customers to ensure they are compliant with current regulations.

Typical situations where a completion certificate is required are:

Building a new dwelling or premises
Building an extension to an existing dwelling or premises
Altering the internal electrical wiring in any existing dwelling or premises
Reconnecting a dwelling or premises that has been disconnected for more than six months
Meter relocations and meter tail upgrades

If you need a test certification for your electrical installations, get in contact with Deering Electrical.

Why Choose Deering Electrical

Quality – all work carried out by Deering Electrical is completed by members of our team of fully qualified, highly-skilled electricians. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is professional and reliable.

Affordability – all of our electrical services are competitively priced and we provide a free quotation for all of our work. The cost of these works will generally depend on the size of the job.

Efficiency – all of our work is completed in a safe and efficient manner by our team of expert electricians for your convenience, with quick call-outs and quality work guaranteed.

Test Certification FAQ

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