Fuse Board Upgrades

At Deering Electrical we are fuse board upgrade experts, having installed numerous miniature circuit breakers for domestic customers throughout Dublin. These miniature circuit breakers are the modern, safer alternative to old fuse boards. Your fuse board is vitally important to the safety of your home, as it prevents damage and fires by tripping the circuit if it becomes overloaded or overheated. Older models are less reliable and take longer to trip, which is why we recommend updating your fuse board if your home still has an older model.

Fuse board upgrades should only be carried out by registered electricians such as those at Deering Electrical. We are fully registered, insured and can provide all relevant certifications upon completion of our work for all Dublin electrical installations.

If you’re interested in having your fuse board upgraded get in contact with us, we provide a free quote for all of our work.

Why Choose Deering Electrical

Quality – all work carried out by Deering Electrical is completed by members of our team of fully qualified, highly skilled electricians. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is professional and reliable.

Affordable – all of our electrical services are competitively priced and we provide a free quotation for all of our work. Cost will generally depend on the size of the job.

Efficient – we aim to complete all of our work in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring minimal hassle is caused. For your convenience, we also operate a 24-hour emergency service.

Fuse Board Upgrades