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EV chargers

EV Chargers 

Expert EV Charger Installations in Dublin

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, having a reliable and efficient EV charger at home or work is essential. At Deering Electrical, we specialize in professional EV charger installations throughout Dublin, ensuring you have the convenience of charging your vehicle at any time.

Why Choose Us for Your EV Charger Installation?

Certified and Experienced Electricians

Our team comprises certified electricians with extensive experience in EV charger installations. We stay updated with the latest industry standards and technologies to provide top-notch service.

Comprehensive Consultation

We offer a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and recommend the best EV charging solution for your home or business. Whether it's a standard installation or a more complex setup, we've got you covered.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Safety is our top priority. We ensure all installations are carried out to the highest safety standards, using high-quality materials and equipment. You can trust us to install a charging station that is both safe and efficient.

Our EV Charger Installation Services

Residential EV Charger Installation

Charging your electric vehicle at home has never been easier. We install a range of home EV chargers that are compatible with all electric vehicle models. Our team will handle everything from site assessment to installation and testing.

Commercial EV Charger Installation

Provide your customers and employees with the convenience of EV charging. We offer tailored solutions for businesses, including multiple charging stations for parking lots, office buildings, and commercial premises.

The Installation Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your requirements and evaluate the best location for your EV charger.

  2. Site Survey: Our electricians conduct a site survey to assess electrical capacity and any necessary upgrades.

  3. Installation Plan: We create a detailed installation plan, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal placement.

  4. Professional Installation: Our experts carry out the installation, adhering to all safety protocols and guidelines.

  5. Testing and Handover: We thoroughly test the installed charger and provide a comprehensive handover, including user instructions and maintenance tips.

Why Go Electric?

Switching to an electric vehicle offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Lower running costs compared to petrol or diesel vehicles.

  • Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

  • Convenience: Charge your vehicle at home or work, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the petrol station.

Ready to install your EV charger? Contact Deering Electrical today for a free consultation and quote. Call us at 087-2125585 or email us at Let us help you make the switch to electric driving with ease and confidence.

By choosing Deering Electrical for your EV charger installation, you're opting for quality, safety, and professionalism. Join the growing number of Dubliners embracing the future of transportation with our expert services.

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